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Fairy Kingdom Magic World

Welcome, my Ruler! Now this is your Fairy Kingdom and you can make it as prosperous and splendid as it was once. Build a magnificent Castle, save a princess, remove a spell from a mermaid, pacify a dragon, feed your citizens, defeat an evil witch and help a prince in love!

Fairy Kingdom is a fairytale about a young Fairy and an evil Witch, of the triumph of love over spite and greed. It’s a story of heroes and their adventures, royal castles and exploration of new lands. This is a story of mysteries, treasures and magic, but first of all, this is your story, Your Majesty.

What to expect:

  • meeting with a vegan-dragon
  • learning the mystery of a ghost who lost his memory
  • learning the mystery of the enchanted Princess and Prince
  • solving the puzzle of a crazy alchemist
  • learning the story of a talking cat
  • taking care of mermaids
  • fighting the treacherous and evil Witch
  • solving the financial crisis of your Kingdom
  • learning the love stories of a female dragon-hunter
  • finding old treasures and hiding new ones
  • visiting balls and much, much more mysterious, magical and royal

Once you rebuild your Kingdom you will explore the lands unknown. Only a smart and resourceful ruler will be able to solve all of the puzzles and problems that come with governing a Fairy Kingdom!

If you haven’t downloaded our game yet then you aren’t sure of your powers. Stop doubting yourself and become the ruler of your Kingdom! Hundreds of thousands of players around the world are playing Fairy Kingdom and now it’s your turn!

Become a member of the Fairy Kingdom community. Here, you will find all of the latest news, exciting contests and presents, learn the secrets of experienced players and, of course, make new friends.

You can also learn the latest Fairy Kingdom news at:

What other players have to say about Fairy Kingdom:

5/5 “Fun to play time consuming and addictive.”
5/5 “Loved the game on my laptop, love it even more now that I can take it with me wherever I go.”
5/5 “It has been a nice experience to bond with my kid.”
5/5 “There’s a nice story that goes along with it, you should give it a try.”
5/5 “I love castles so I love this game I’ve only been playing for 2 weeks, I love it & it’s so easy to get crystals for special things & so far the quests are easy to finish. It may get harder the further I go.”


First spring update is waiting for you!
– help the first flower bloom and decorate the Castle before spring;
– bake a cake from Gustav’s childhood and give a piece to every citizen;
– find out the Leprechaun’s secret and go treasure hunting;
– entertain a live doll and build a home for her;
– organize a puppet theater play and make all the children happy;
– surprise a large bunny family and build a magic house.
Stories will become available over the next 4 weeks.
Happy playing!

Fairy Kingdom Magic World Apk

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