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Hexacells 1.03 Apk for Android Full Version

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Hexacells 1.03 Apk for Android



Rediscover the hexagonal puzzle strategy with Hexacells.
Your goal is to merge four or more cells to create a new one while new cells appear to overwhelm you.
You will be surprised by how simple rules can lead to complex mastery.

On adventure mode, try to beat the 20 levels of the game.
On free mode, unlock six boards with a variety of shapes, and special rules adding to the challenge.
You will have to investigate rare cells with special behaviours to use them at your advantage.

Games are relaxing, adds are not. That is why we chose to ask for a small tip and stop bothering the player with that.

Have fun!


Lowered difficulty on levels 15 and 19.
Various optimizations.
Hexacells Apk

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